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From: Randy Smith & Sara E Sutherland
Re: Building Your List on a Budget

Dear Friend,

As an Internet marketer I'm sure you are always on the lookout for ways to build massive opt-in lists quickly.

Especially if those Opt-in lists let you make an income for life time, no matter what happens to everyone else's online businesses.

Many people think email marketing is dead, well they couldn't be further from the truth. Having the ability to create massive and responsive Opt-in lists on demand is the greatest skill you can have, especially if you know how to do it for free.


And that's where I come with my new book "40 Scorching Hot tried & tested, Name Increasing, List Building Tips & Techniques!"

With this powerful weapon in your hands, you will...



Discover How To Build Massive Opt-in Lists On A Tight Budget No Matter What Niche You Want To Target Or How Competitive That Market Is - I Guarantee You This Book Is What You Need When It Comes To List Building Ideas!

Most people get Opt-in List building wrong, dead wrong. They either don't know how to get subscribers to their Opt-in lists in the first place, or they don't know how to keep them when they've already got them!

In this book, I show you many ways you can instantly start adding thousands of subscribers to your Opt-in Lists.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Things You Will Learn Inside This Amazing New Guide....

    How To Use Free Viral Ebooks To Get Thousands Of New Subscribers A Day To Your Opt-in Lists

    How To Use Name Squeeze Pages Effectively - With Highly Profitable Examples!

    How To Use Paid Co-Registration To Build Your Lists Over Night Without Sacrificing On Quality

    How To Use Article Writing Not Only To Boost Your Subscription Rate, But Your Bottom Line Instantly

    How To Write Articles For Viral Income

    How To Write Content So Compelling Your Subscribers Literally Beg You To Let Them Tell Their Friends About Your Newsletter

    Other Ways To Profit From Articles And Build Lists Quickly

    How To Joint Venture With Other Marketers So Easily, It Should Be Criminal - The Techniques I Show You Are Amazing!

    And much more!

    Okay - So What's The Cost For This Incredible Resource?

    I've been told to sell this package for $97

    But since I'm not taking on any affiliates to sell this book for me (I don't need them quite frankly) I'm able to sell this package for $37 or less.

    A true bargain, if you will.

    Aside from saving on production and shipping costs, you'll be able to download the ebook and start reading it within 90 seconds! Even sooner if you've got a fast connection.

BUT WAIT.....This is after all!

Check what our customer are saying about this guide......Here's just a few comments from some of the people who already have their copy:

     Yo Randy,

     This is a really good eBook, some good ideas in there,
     a few I would never have thought of, defo useful to me.

     A bit of a steal at $X - was u drunk when you priced it
     up ?

              Cheers Randy, good stuff.



         Very useful Randy, thanks very much very much very



         Hi Randy
       As a complete beginner I have read this book twice
       awesome Information (IS) being a great help to me



         Just thought I would drop in and advise anyone who
         is new and even the more experienced of us to get
         this book!


         It was a very good product and some great ideas at
         a great price.



So Forget $37

Look at it this way - $37 really is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the time and money you'll save yourself from by researching and buying other books.

But here we have a reputation for Selling High Ticket products for silly small prices!!!!

So here's the deal.... Buy this ebook today and it's Yours (With Resell Rights) for only:

Drum Roll Please.......     $7     

Yes we know it's too cheap! and Yes some people will think it can't be that good, Well more fool them....something doesn't have to be Mega Expensive to be Good!, and we're in the business of helping out folks like us - who haven't got hundreds to spend!

Order today and we'll add the usually expected

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Sara & Randy

Sara E Sutherland & Randy Smith

P.S. Never before has it been so easy to have all the info you need on opt-in list building in one place. Usually, you'd have to buy a ton of books to search for your answer. And even then you may not find it!

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