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"A Picture Paints a Thousand Words"

At least that's what they say!


Have you ever noticed that all great looking sales pages use professional graphics. Everyone knows you must use professional looking graphics on all sales pages.

Now You Can too -

with this Graphic Gigantius Collection of Graphics and Related Software Products!


Everything You Need at a Bargain Price, Not a Monthly Payment - Just Here and Now, So that you can focus on building Your Business and Making Your Profits!


From: Randy Smith
Co-Owner of

Dear Friend,

Is you're sales page a little dull?

Successful marketers know success in selling has a great deal to do with product presentation. If you have a webpage full of text and no graphics, you will be making lesser sales than you can.

Let's face it, picture sells. When you spice up your sales page with professional graphics, you keep more attention to your page, and you get more sales.

Here's the solution...your own...


The 'Graphic Gigantius' Collection With Over 3,000+ Professional Web Images and templates!


This Graphics collection is priced to sell, and with over 3,000 very useful graphics, you simply cannot go wrong using it to grow your business. You also receive full Master Resell Rights to this package so you can sell it yourself for 100% profits forever.

There are Graphics, Templates, Headers, Software to allow you to make your own ebook covers box covers etc. - Just check it out!

Some marketers lately have been selling just ONE of this collection for $10

Take a look at what you get from us at MonthlyBargains!

I'm not saying you can't get sales with little or no images on your sales pages, but you can increase your sales simply by adding a quality graphic or two!

Here's a small sample of what you'll be getting: - Just in the Clipart collection of 1600!

67 different "Try It' images - 67 different images of Try it, Trial, Free Trial, Trial Download and more.
Internet related graphics - Every online seller needs some form a images of computers and internet related graphics. 88 images to choose from.

Mark down graphics - Do you have products that you want to mark down? Well here are the graphics you will need to display those mark downs.

Guarantee graphics - It's always good to offer some sort of guarantee on your products. This collection has 93 different styles.
'Buy It Now' graphics - Every product needs a standout buy it now purchase button. There are 46 eye catching designs in this collection to encourage more sales.
People images - Having people on your sales pages makes your pages pop with enthusiasm. Over 150 different images to choose from.
Sales banners - These is always room on a sales page for banners and notices like "On Sale", here are 38 different sales banners in this collection.
Templates - Do you need a few options to make your own messages? You can use these templates to create your own message. 21 templates to choose from.
Credit cards graphics - It's always to good to show potential customers a visual on the amount of cash they can make. Also included are pictures of credit cards. 60 images total.
Icons - Every good business website has bullet points, check marks and quality icons. Included are over 200 quality graphics to help you with it.
Banners - 360 advertising banner templates in all sizes, from 468 x 60 to skyscraper banners 120 x 60, and everything in between.
PLUS you get tons of contact us images, help and support images, and many more!

And that's Just One of these packs that are included!!


Here's what you get in total:-


1. 3D Box PhotoShop Action Scripts

Master Resell Rights + Sales Website

3D Box Photoshop Action Scripts + eCover PRO Bonus Manual.

Take the lazy man's way with 3D BOX Photoshop Action


2.  35 Header Graphics Package

Private Label Rights + Sales Website

Creates Professional Header Graphics In Minutes

Save Hundreds Of Dollars Of Your Hard-Earned Money

Creates A Long Lasting First Impression

Increase Your Online Profits

With Video tutorial!!!


3. 55 Ready to Go Business Templates

Master Resell Rights

Quickly & Easily Create Amazing Professional
Web Sites With 55 Ready-To-Start Templates
You Can Use Right Now


4. 67 Fully Customizable Header Graphics package

Private Label Rights + Sales Website

67 Enterprise/ Totally Customizable Professional Header Graphics -

So anybody can create their own professional header graphic in less than 3 minutes.

3 Graphic Video Tutorials - Learn the basics of graphic design and customization the easy way with these tutorials.


5. Ebiz Gallery PRO

Master Resale Rights + Sales Website

Breakthrough Web Script Allows Marketers to Provide Galleries of Ecovers and Screenshots!

Not To Be Outdone, Web Graphic Designers Host Their Portfolios With The Very Same Script!


6. 1600 Graphic Images (as mentioned above)

 Master Resell Rights

1600 Graphic Images You Can Use
You Can Use - Loads of stuff

See main description above!


7. Niche Graphics 12 Pack

Master Resell Rights

12 pack of niche graphics
Plus, you get the following bonuses included:

Article Site Builder - $197 Value!
Web Audio Plus - $37 Value!
UtiliPack - This pack includes 7 simple but highly recommended and needed tools:
Cache Spy
Contact Form Wizard
Instant Download Form
Email Protector
IE ToolBox
Image Grabber


8.. KaleidoSite PRO

Master Resell Rights + Sales Website

1. Change the header
2. Change the background
3. Change font colors
4. Color of each link to suit the color scheme
Use KaleidoSite Pro to preview the changes instantly without ever worrying of having to edit it again and again and again and ...(this could take forever)


9. Niche Website Designer Pack

Master Resell Rights + Sales Website

10 Motivational Graphics Headers
6 Niche Website Templates - Headers, Footers and Backgrounds
14 popular niche header graphics


10. Website Color Scheme Generator

Master Resell Rights +Source Code + Sales Website

A simple solution that will make any of your website designing a breeze, by allowing you to be able to pick an effective color scheme with just a few clicks of the button.


11. Pushbutton Cover Generator

Private Label Resell Rights + Graphics + Photoshop Action Scripts

"Here's Your Opportunity To Create Unlimited HIGH Quality Covers Instantly At The Push Of The Button And Save Up To $99.00 Per Cover!"

NO Waiting And NO Fancy Graphic Designing Gizmo, Knowledge & Experience Required - As Long As You Can Scroll And Click, You TOO Can Design Superb Covers For Your Digital Products!


12. 1200 Adobe Photoshop Website Templates

Master Resell Rights

Women's Fashion
Web Hosting
And Much More...
Real Estate
Book Reviews
And Much More


WOW - What an Offer!
Okay Okay
You want to know - How Much????

Yeah lets forget the BS........

It is a Graphic Gigantius Sale - You know it's
worth Hundreds, possibly Thousands to you.

Please please put it to use!.... and you'll soon recoup
the $9.97 you'll invest in it!

Yes!!! --- you did read that right!

Yes we know it's too cheap! and Yes some people will think it can't be that good, Well more fool them....something doesn't have to be Mega Expensive to be Good!, and we're in the business of helping out folks like us - who haven't got hundreds to spend!

Yes Your Name, I Just Have To Have This Incredible Package! Count Me In Right Now!

It's Easy To Order...

Click the Payment Button Below To Order!

After Paying - You'll be directed straight to the download page.

Look at it this way - $9.97 really is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the time and money you'll save yourself from by not having to pay a designer every time you want a new graphic.

But here we have a reputation for Selling High Ticket products for silly small prices!!

Be sure to join our Mailing List so that we can keep
you informed of more Bargains like this one!!

Thanx for being here.....that's it

I've kept it as brief as I can.... If you need to think about it ..
Go Think - it's not a fancy OTO .... and there are no pressure time limits,
You can either see that you need this pack or not.

I hope you appreciate the No BS approach.

Warm Regards

Randy & Sara

Randy Smith & Sara E Sutherland

P.S. - Why are you here? Get back up to the PayPal button!


LEGAL NOTE: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and its potential. Please remember that each individualís success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no absolute guarantee that you will earn any money. All screen shots can be backed up by hard proof if needed.