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The MonthlyBargains Mega Bloggers Pack!

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"Who Else Wants Their Entire Site Crawled, Indexed and Ranked Fast -- Without any Hard Work or even SEO Knowledge"

If You Want To Consistently Get your Website Pages Spidered and Indexed into all the MAJOR Search Engines... No Matter Who You Are, How Much Experience You Have Or What Kind Of Budget Your limited to... And especially If You're Sick And Tired Of Software and Services being insanely over priced, Then 'Instant Blog and Ping' Desktop Software is for you...

A Software Program that completely automates the whole blog and ping process freeing you up to time into the areas of your business that you need to.

" 18 Powerful Reasons why Instant Blog and Ping is so Effective"

It completely automates the whole process of Blog and Ping

Its desktop software that runs on your computer - so no relying on server uptime

You can run Multiple Projects within the One Application

You can minimize to your tray and it will not interfere with your surfing or work

You choose how many pages to post to your blog

You choose how long you want it to wait between posts  -  from 1 min upwards

You can use Proxy - to post Anonymously

You can choose to post your pages Meta Description to your blog

You can choose to post Random text from your web pages to your blog

You can use Unique Tags.. where you choose what content Posts

You can Ping Yahoo and Pingomatic ( these are all you need)

You can use Blogger.com information or Wordpress information

When It crawls in all your pages it wont pull in 404 error pages or Duplicate Pages

You can see when in real time what pages are posting and when its pinging

You can Save all URLS crawled in so you don't have to crawl a site in again!

With its user friendly interface you will find it is extremely easy to use

Full Private Label Rights - You can sell this as your own!

Its a Proven System that works!

The truth is...                         

There really is no need to submit your website pages to google as they will find you through the blog as they seek out fresh content. 

There is no need to spend $299 to get into Yahoo directory as they will be alerted to your blog and the links to your site the moment you Ping the content.


You'd normally pay $69 for this ....but it's just one part of this deal!

ALSO - an ebook with Master Resell Rights for you!

In "Profit Pulling Blogs", we hold nothing back...
"Profit Pulling Blogs" Will Show You Step-By-Step:

* How to Build and Lay Out an Effective Blog.
* How to Maintain and Regularly Expand Your Blog.
* How to Keep Your Profits Going and Growing.
Your Blog Will Be Better!

"Profit Pulling Blogs" explains step-by-step how to build a blog empire that will bring people in.
With 20 million bloggers out there, your blog has to stand out!
"Profit Pulling Blogs" will show you how!
You will learn the secrets and tricks of the elite few! You'll learn:

*How to choose the best type of blog for you based on who you are, what you know, and what you care about.
*How to pull visitors in with an eye-catching layout.
*How to build incoming traffic.
*Keep Them Coming Back Again and Again and Again!
*Repeat Visitors = BIG Profits! Bringing visitors in to your blog is only the first step. You need to keep them coming back for more!
Building a Blog Empire For Profit shows you:
* How to write timely and pertinent blog entries that keep them coming back.
* How to consistently expand your readership and your profits.
* How to establish and build a good reputation, visitor loyalty, and a name they won't forget.
Your Blog Will Make Money

"Profit Pulling Blogs" takes you by the hand and walks you through the simple steps to Total Financial Freedom! Guaranteed. "Profit Pulling Blogs" is overflowing with money-making strategies. You will make money! You'll be given insider secrets such as:

* Simple techniques for making real money with your blog.
* How to get your readers to provide content.
* How the elite few rise above the other 20 million bloggers and turn a real profit!

Normally $27 .....Also in with this deal!

AND - More info on Blogging - To make sure you have all the Facts!
This comes with resell rights..

The Bloggers Guide to Profits.

See How Easily You Can Learn To Blog With This Limited-Offer Special Report!
You already know starting your own blog can catapult your business' success. Here's what else you'll learn in my exclusive report...

How blogging has given anyone the power to broadcast their message to the world
With no hassle and no fancy computer languages: How to instantly put down your thoughts for anyone and everyone to read. (It's even easier than running your own ordinary web site!)

The secret marketing tactic that is hiding inside each and every blog (that not everyone is exploiting!)
Why businesses, small and large, are increasingly adding blogs to their marketing repertoire.

5 ways to explode your business with a blog.

8 rules you must follow if you want to have a successful blog

How something called "RSS feeds" can help you communicate with your customers even better than email!
The secret to getting your blog listed in Yahoo search results free within 48 hours.
And that's far from all.

Normally $27 ---- But also part of this deal!.....


The Ace in the hole...... a $297 value product with reprint rights!

Getting link popularity is really hard and time-consuming. But what if you could automate it? …

Imagine Thousands Of Links Back To Your Web Site From Other People's Blogs Starting Today!
Consider the power of being able to create incoming links to your site any time you want them...
As many links as you want!
Think that could give you some search engine popularity, and traffic???
Imagine a tool that would:

• Take in keywords you enter OR pull keywords from Google Sandbox or Overture.
• Use those keywords to find relevant blogs on blogger.com.
• Automatically post your comments to those blogs, including that all-important link back to your site.
• Skyrocket your link popularity!

Sound too good to be true? Well, Blog Link Generator actually does just that!

Blog Link Generator. It finds revelant keywords, finds the blogs, and then posts a personal comment right from me!
Each post contains links back to your site, so when the spiders find the posts they love so, they also find YOUR SITE!
The result? Your site gets listed WAY UP HIGH in the search engines without you having to write a word of content!
Blog Link Generator is so easy to use, it’s like having your very own money machine!

You get:
• Ability to plug in keywords – or get them from Google Sandbox or Overture.
• 24/7 searching of blogger.com for relevant blogs
• Automated message posting – that contains your keywords
• Links back to your site – get thousands of hits!
• FAST results – how fast? Some people have gotten into Google literally overnight!
• FAST results – After Blog Link Generator makes your post it sends that persons blog to Pingomatic automatically to make sure you link is picked up in record time!
• Huge traffic increases – the spiders find you, and you know what happens next. It’s all good! Visitors come, they click on the ads, Google AdSense sends you huge checks.
• Turbocharge your ranking – very soon you’ll notice a distinct boost in rankings, which will boost ad revenue!

YES!!! --- This amazing software is ALSO Part of the Deal!!!!!!

Well I bet you've already had a sneak peak at the price..... but if you haven't you're gonna think I'm Nuts!

See below to find out why!

I really do not like to be told what I can and can't do!!

I've put this site together and paid BIG bucks for some of the stuff I'm selling for two reasons.

1, I've been through the stage where I struggled to make money online for years before I finally started to,  One of the reasons was that everything I needed seemed to cost a fortune!

So part of selling things so cheaply is to give people like me a break.

2, By selling so cheaply - I'm hoping to make back more that the rights to these products cost me ..... from lots and lots of small sales!

That is why I'm selling this Pack for only $11 !

Yes you did read that right ...... Now seriously think what you could do with this pack!

Well ?   Did you need to think for long?

So what are you waiting for ..... .

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