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"How Private Label ebooks and articles - level the field" 

 Revealed,  How Even a Complete Newbie Can Become A Product Creator!

I have to laugh at the looks on our faces when a friend, (Jed) and I first discovered
Private Label ebooks and Articles!
A shear 'sigh of relief' finally took the place of 'the look of despondency'

Maybe I'd better explain --
You see everywhere we had read about Making Money with my computer, All the advice from the 'Big Boys' said the same thing.

If you truly want a long term income from the internet - you need to create your own digital products!!
We had read all the ebooks and taken all the courses that explained it all in detail.

Our 'Big Problem' was that they all said something along the lines of :-

Just write about what you know, a passion or what you do for a living,

Basically if you're a plumber - write about how to do an emergency home pipe repair, If
you're a chef - write a book of recipes, If you're a stamp collector - write a guide on what to look for when collecting stamps of the world.

I'm sure by now you get the general idea!
Our despondency came from what we did - we worked, that was it! neither of us had any major
hobbies, sure we had tried all sorts of things - but not to expert levels!!

And as for our jobs - well all I knew how to do was fill in order forms and talk a lot (you can probably tell, So who needed a book on that??

Jed on the other hand, was an expert industrial fitter turner! What he can't do with an industrial lathe or a set of hydraulics and heavy plant machinery is nobody's business!!
But again, I ask you, - what home enthusiast wants to buy an ebook on that sort of subject??

So there we were keen as mustard - but getting nowhere fast.

Then came the Revelation .... hallelujah....Private Label ebooks and articles.

In case you've not been in the 'marketing' niche for long a quick explanation may be called for.
In a nutshell Private Label - means someone else has done the main work for you, It's like finding an expert on a particular subject, having him/her write a whole ebook or article for you, and then them saying - there you go friend - it's all yours, and you even get to put your name on it as the author.... You become the expert!!!!

But better still - you can change any part of it you want to. That enables you to add links to your own websites and to sites that you're an affiliate of, all the while building your credibility as an author!

What's more because You wrote the piece You can then decide on the price to sell it for.
You can choose to sell the resell rights to it, Heck You can even give it away in order to
Build you're List ....

It's yours to do with as you wish, Talk about levelling the field!
No longer is all the money making going to the people who have the ability to write and the
knowledge of a popular subject to write about, Anyone and I mean Anyone can now have their
own products and their own articles to promote those products.
In fact all you'd need is a little knowledge on 'putting it out there' into the virtual world of the internet  ----
Oh quick plug - do check out my Bargain Money Making products to Learn from and Resell in the links up on the left, and also the Recommended Resources section :)

And of course some PLR (Private Label Rights) ebooks and articles to start you off.
It just so happens I managed to get my hands on a few great packages, Normally they'd cost
you anything from $67 average right up to $197 each. (After all - the original creators want something for giving away their rights to authorship)
But with the contacts I now have, and a bit of bulk buying power I've managed to put together what I believe to be one of the Best Packages of Private label Products you'll see in a long time, and this is Monthly Bargains - so it won't cost even half of the price of one average package for ALL of them!
 I call it PLEx   That stands for a 'Private Label Explosion', Why not have a look for yourself, and You can be the author, with your links, making You money from your computer.

It's certainly helped Jed and I enormously -
So now that we have a Level playing field, How much are You going to earn from Your products?

Read on to have a look at my PLEx package - it's a biggy
Catch ya on the other side, and have fun while you Create products to sell online! :)
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"Would You Like To Discover How You Can Profit Like the 'Gurus' do?"

Now You Can with this EXPLOSION of Private Label Products and Articles!

Everything You Need at a Bargain Price, Not a Monthly Payment - Just Here and Now, So that you can focus on building Your Business and Making Your Profits!

Dear Friend,
If you've not made money up 'til now.
Here's the break you've been looking for!
Let's face it - if you've been around internet Marketing for more than 5 minutes you already know a few facts....
You need your own website

You need your own List

You need products to sell!

Ok - you could carry on promoting someone else's products
and building their list....
But here's my suggestion....
If you had Your own Articles bringing You traffic, To Your own site, With Your own mini course, Building Your own List, To sell Your own Product...... You could then offer Your list other people products as well as more of your own!
Crikey - it's not "Rocket Science" after all!!! The problem with niche products is they take time to create. You can pay someone to do it for you but often that leads to increased costs and little control over the finished products...
Alternatively you can do it yourself, but that's time consuming - especially if you know little about the subject material to start with. Worse still is that in reality not many people got rich with just
one product. . . Don't for a minute expect instant fame and fortune unless you have a full catalogue of products to sell.

So, Imagine having the power to pick a niche, almost any popular niche and instantly have a product to sell into that market within minutes! Just upload a new sales page, point some traffic towards it and start taking in orders - then move on to another niche, and another and so on, and so on . . .All the time adding to your list while you actually start making some money -- instead of constantly spending it.

You'd be creating Your own income streams (with longevity!)

Well now you can!

Within the next few minutes you can own a Literal 'Explosion of Private Label Articles and Products,'  All hot topic, mass market, niche businesses that are ready to sell . . .

My suggestion would be to work through them starting with something You like, Change them, make them unique, and build yourself a business and a list of your own.

Please DON'T use the excuse of not knowing HOW to build a list and get some traffic!! All you need to know is in my ebook "40 Scorching Hot List Building Tips and Techniques" And the 'Buyer only offer' on the download page gives you everything you'd need if you have no idea how to create Squeeze pages and landing pages!

Anyway enough free -
Have a look at
Private Label Explosion!!!

I'll try and keep it brief - but hey, Look around, and I'm sure you'll realize that these products could go out monthly anywhere from $37 - $97 .... or even a One Time Offer at $197

So when you get to the price - prepare to be 'Gobsmacked'
(that's Yorkshire for Pleasantly Surprised)

Here's what you get:-

1. Private Label Content Pack

630 high quality articles each between 400 and 900 words.
Ebook Marketing, Self Improvement and Personal Development,
Web Site Promotion, Hobbies, Blogs, Arts, Opt-In List Building,
Crafts, Pay-Per-Click Search Engines, Jewelry,
Autoresponder Marketing, Travel, RSS, And much much more...


2.  Internet Marketing

75 high quality articles on the hottest topics online!
Each article is between 700 and 900 words.
Blogs - Software, Video & Radio Blogging, Internet Marketing.
Opt-In List Building - Targeted Lists, Affiliate Lists, List Management.
Pay-Per-Click Marketing - S.E. Advertising, Bid & Campaign Management.
Site Map Creation & SEO Tactics - Site Map Generators & Builders.
RSS - Feeds, Readers, Aggregators, Tools, Directory and Entertainment.
MLM - Networking, Lead Generation, Opportunities, and Software.


3. Self Improvement

All these 65 articles are original and consist of 750-800 words.
Articles such as:-
A 7 day program to positive thinking
Daily program to stress management
Creating Effective and Efficient Relationships
Self improvement through motivation
Personal growth through time management
How to start taking control


4. The Mega Private Label Article

A Huge Bumper Pack Of Over 650 High Quality Articles!
Each article is between 250 and 500 words.
Catergories covered:-
After School Activities, Home Schooling, Blogging, Job Search,
Cigars, Making Money With Articles, Coin Collecting,
Newport Beach, Diamonds, Paint Ball, Family Budget, Podcasting,
Fishing, San Diego, Gambling, Scotch, Gardening, Ski Vacations,
Google AdSense, Sports Cars


5. 4 Private Label Products - Volume #1

All the graphics and design work together with product
development have ALL been done for you. You can make changes
to the products and use them anyhow you like as there are no
restrictions applied to them.

  • Landing Page Success Guide
  • The Golden Rules of Acquiring Wealth
  • The Might Of Character Building
  • 7 Infamous Resell Rights Questions Answered


    6. 4 Private Label Products - Volume #2

     All the graphics and design work together with product
    development have ALL been done for you. You can make changes
    to the products and use them anyhow you like as there are
    no restrictions applied to them.
  • Guide To Ca$hing In On eBay
  • The Affiliate Marketer's Handbook
  • What You Need To Know When Pursuing Wealth
  • E-Book Marketing Exposed!


    7. 4 Private Label Products - Volume #3

    All the graphics and design work together with product
    development have ALL been done for you. You can make changes
    to the products and use them anyhow you like as there are
    no restrictions applied to them.
  • Recurring Income Secrets
  • Search Engine Manifesto
  • Traffic Overdrive
  • The Self-Improvement Handbook


    8. 4 Private Label Products - Volume #4

    All the graphics and design work together with product
    development have ALL been done for you. You can make changes
    to the products and use them anyhow you like as there are no
    restrictions applied to them.
  • Top Affiliate Tactics
  • Guide To PC Security
  • 5 Steps To Online Dating Success
  • Social Networking Exposed


    9. 15 Day Resell Rights Success ebook

    PLUS you'll also receive a complementary bonus entitled
    "9 Common Mistakes Resellers Make
    When Sourcing For Products With Resell Rights!"

    Private Label Rights + Sales Website


    10. Awesome Membership Riches ebook

    So far, there hasn't been a manual powerful enough to show
    how you - or anybody - can overcome these barriers and make
    an explosive jump start on your profitable membership site
    in a fun and easy manner.

    Private Label Rights + Sales Website


    11. Create Your Own Ebook
    Without Writing A Word (ebook)

    Here for the first time is specific information on the nuts
    and bolts of how to get your very own eBooks written for
    you that you can sell profitably.
    The definitive Guide to have an ebook ghost written.

    Private Label Rights + Sales Website


    12. Private Label Blowout

    If You Hate Writing But Love Cash Then Here's A Solution
    That'll Give You 5 Brand New Ebooks With Private Label Rights,
    300+ Private Label Rights Articles, An Entire Years Worth Of
    Re-usable Marketing Related Content And More!
    This package is so full of goodies I'm not even going to
    bother trying to explain them all.


    WOW - What an Offer!

    And I'll even throw in an article submitter for you .....
    to make it even easier for you to get going!!


    Extra Bonus. Article Submission Software

    Feature one - Article Submitter has 138 Auto Fill article directories  It also has an additional 25 Manual fill articles directory sites as well.
    Feature two - You will have the ability to edit the included Article Directory submissions sites! With the Add Directory button & Delete Button.
    We have 163 Directory sites already loaded in but you are welcome to add in as many more as you wish.
    Feature three - Article submitter does not just allow you to load in 500 articles and hit a button a forget it.  Any software that promises this is doing nothing more then spamming your articles all over the Net.
    Article Submitter software stores all of your personal information, resource box, and articles.  It then will proceed one at a time to go to each of the articles sites for you, log you in and auto fill all of your content including your name, your article, your author resource box, even an article summery on any sites that ask for it!

    You will then need to manually select a category- this is the only real way to make sure your article ends up in the right place when we are talking about 163 article sites.
    You then click the submit button and bam..
    you have just submitted another article!

    As you can see, my Article Submitter is EVERYTHING you need to start driving insane traffic to your web site using the magic of free articles.


    Okay Okay
    You want to know - How Much????

    Yeah lets forget the BS........It is an Explosion of Private Label material - You know it's worth Hundreds, possibly Thousands to you.
    - If this will just sit on your desktop doing nothing - then Don't Buy It !
    Please please put it to use!.... and you'll soon recoup the $27.47 you'll invest in it!
    Yes!!! --- you did read that right!


    Just hit the PayPal button below!
    after paying remember to hit "Continue" so that paypal can send you to the download page!

    Click the Button NOW to download your copy!
    It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 a.m. in the morning! 
    After Paying Hit "Continue" to be taken to the Download Page! 

    Yes we know it's too cheap! and Yes some people will think it can't be that good, Well more fool them....something doesn't have to be Mega Expensive to be Good!, and we're in the business of helping out folks like us - who haven't got hundreds to spend!

    Look at it this way - $27.47 really is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the time and money you'll save yourself from by researching and buying other books. 

    But here we have a reputation for Selling High Ticket products for silly small prices!!
    Be sure to join our Mailing List so that we can keep you informed of more Bargains like this one!! Thanx for being here.....that's it

    I've kept it as brief as I can.... If you need to think about it .

    Go Think -it's not a fancy OTO (One Time Offer).... and there are no pressure time limits,
    You can either see that you need this pack or not

    I hope you appreciate the No BS approach

    Warm Regards

    Randy Smith

    P.S. - If you need more help getting this working for you - Join our List and then ask us!
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    LEGAL NOTE: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no absolute guarantee that you will earn any money. All screen shots can be backed up by hard proof if needed.

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